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A Peyton Blake initiative

Emerge Models was created by Peyton Blake in 2008 as on offside role to the model positions she was offered but unable to fulfil due to her veterinary career. The bookings became so constant that it quickly turned in to a business, thus blossoming in to Emerge Models.

The reason I called the agency Emerge Models, was that I wanted to chose a name that represented growth and the beauty in the journey of growth. We don't always know or see our true beauty, and sometimes all we need is the right person to bring it out in us.

Peyton has over 15 years experience in the model industry and has an exceptional eye for talent and ability to connect with models and explain the training process to them in a way that they can understand and grow from. 

Emerge Models is an inclusive agency meaning be do not support dieting, morphing bodies in editing or limiting beauty because of a size. Beauty comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, race and genders. We do not discriminate. 


We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of experienced models servicing Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay & Sydney.

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